Three musicians, Project: Music Heals Us, a film-maker, and numerous Refugee Aid Organizations:

  • Non-profit organization Project: Music Heals Us
  • Performers: Carr-Petrova Duo – Molly Carr and Anna Petrova
  • Composer: Fernando Arroyo Lascurain
  • Film-maker: TBA
  • Refugee Aid Organizations:
    •  United Nations; International Rescue Committee; Church World Service; ConGo; UNHCR global; UNHCR Bulgaria, (Bulgaria - Harmanli Refugee Camp); UN Volunteers; UNESCO; Home for Refugees (Los Angeles); Justice for our Neighbors (NYC); Telos, (Shuafat Palestinian Refugee Camp)


  • Several concerts in Refugee Camps and Programs throughout the world.
  • Video and audio recordings of select refugee-camp audience members and their stories.
  • A blog allowing anyone and everyone to follow the project, hear the stories, and learn about how to get involved in helping make a difference.
  • An original composition by Fernando Arroyo Lascurain inspired by the stories shared by the refugee concerts’ audiences.
  • A debut album and a premiere, documenting and celebrating the year-long experience and all that was learned and shared.



  • Refugee communities in Los Angeles and the NY area, and camps in Bulgaria and the Middle East.
  • Carnegie Hall.


2018-2019 Concert Season:

  • September 20 – NY and NJ  area
  • December 20 – Los Angeles
  • March 4-17 – Bulgaria & the Middle East


Because the gifts and talents we have been given as artists can help make a difference.


  • To offer the momentary peace, encouragement, and healing that music can provide (through interactive musical concerts) for our refugee audiences, thus introducing them to the world of classical music  
  • To educate ourselves and the general population about the lives of refugees across the globe by listening to and recording specific refugees’ stories and struggles
  • To allow those we encounter the opportunity to speak their stories and express themselves on the world stage through two different art forms: film and music.
  • To discover and share ways that we can all help & ultimately inspire people across the world to step up, get involved, and help.


Btw…What’s with the title??

The word “novel” was chosen for its inherent dual definition.

The use of “Novel” as narrative storytelling, such as one would find in a book, will be employed as we tell the stories behind the compositions which comprise the Novel Voices concert program to be brought into the refugee camps; it is also indicative of the stories we will be documenting and ultimately relating through film and music. The use of “Novel” as something new and innovative will be utilized in several ways:

  • A NEW, original musical composition will be brought to life and premiered
  • The refugees who will serve as the inspiration for this original musical composition will be telling their stories through two NEW languages: film and music.
  • Refugees, by definition, are those who have been forced out of their homes and forced, often against their will, to start a NEW life in a NEW country
  • The concert program will be comprised of pieces which all have some sort of “firsts” attached to them – whether historically or compositionally
  • This will be a long-awaited NEW branch of Project: Music Heals Us’ activities
  • The NEW Carr-Petrova Duo will be creating their DEBUT album